Your help is still needed in a very real way! We need your help to stock St. Nick’s Shoppe! Similar to past years, the success of this program is reliant on your generosity.

Follow these three easy steps to help us meet the gift needs of the families we serve. You may choose to select one item or many, ranging from toys and clothes to household items and wrapping supplies.

Donate-Gifts-Button Step 1: Review shopping list.
Families will be able to shop for themselves and their children from the items listed. A Very Giving Christmas Shopping List
Volunteer-Button Step 2: Choose an Item OR Make a Donation.
In addition to the items listed on the shopping list, gift cards and cash donations will be accepted, enabling us to purchase any additional needed items.
Make a Cash Donation to: AVGC-Catholic-Charities-LogoMake a Cash Donation to:SFS-HorizontalLogo-RGB-01
AVGC-How-It-Works-Buttons Step 3: Drop your items off at St. Nicks Shoppe.
Purchased items with tags still attached can be dropped off at:Catholic Charities located at 1232 N. Classen Blvd, OKC OK 73106

Sunbeam Family Services located at 1100 14th Street, OKC OK 73106

Additional Drop-off Locations
KFOR : 444 E Britton Rd
From 9AM – 5:00PM

Valliance Bank : 1601 NW Expressway, Suite 100

Leadership Square : 211 N Robinson Ave
From 8:30AM – 4:30PM

Allegiance Credit Union: 235 N. Meridian Ave

Metro Area Fire Stations:

Station No.1 820 N.W. 5th 73106
Station No.2 2917 E. Britton Rd. 73131
Station No.3 11601 N. MacArthur 73162
Station No.4 14200 Hogback Rd. 73054
Station No.5 24 N.W. 22nd 73103
Station No.6 100 S.W. 4th 73104
Station No.7 218 S.W. 23rd 73109
Station No.8 1934 W. Exchange 73108
Station No.9 1415 S.W. 89th 73159
Station No.10 2039 N.W. 16th 73106
Station No.11 900 N.W. 50th 73118
Station No.12 2121 M.L.K. Ave. 73111
Station No.13 7000 S.E. 74th 73135
Station No.14 3129 N.W. 23rd 73107
Station No.15 2817 N.W. 122nd 73120
Station No.16 405 S.E. 66th 73149
Station No.17 2716 N.W. 50th 73112
Station No.18 4016 N. Prospect 73111
Station No.19 940 S.W. 44th 73109
Station No.20 7929 S.W. 29th 73179
Station No.21 3000 S.W. 29th 73119
Station No.22 333 N.W. 92nd 73114
Station No.23 2900 S. Eastern Ave. 73129
Station No.24 1500 N. Meridian 73107
Station No.25 2701 S.W. 59th 73119
Station No.26 7025 SW 119th St 73173
Station No.27 6400 N. Westminster 73084
Station No.28 7101 S. Anderson Rd. 73150
Station No.30 4343 S. Lake Hefner Dr. 73116
Station No.31 618 N. Rockwell 73127
Station No.32 12233 N. Mustang Rd. 73099
Station No.33 11630 S.W. 15th 73099
Station No.34 8617 N. Council 73132
Station No.35 13017 S. May 73170
Station No.36 17700 S.E. 104th 74857
Station No.37 16820 N. Pennsylvania 73003